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I have a lot of interests. You would think that I would have a billion boards on Pinterest, but I don’t. I have a small handful. And it’s not because I dont see a lot of things on Pinterest. I do. Unfortunately, all Pinterest does for me is create more ideas and upset me when I can’t do these things right at this moment. That’s not Pinterest’s fault.

I love knitting but I suck at continental. I’m a thrower. So my projects take me a little longer to complete.

I love to cross-stitch. And I’ve been known to complete projects in a decent amount of time, however, my hands had paid the price with muscle pains and cramps.

I’m a Game of Thrones fan and so I’ve combined it with my cross-stitch hobby. (Blackfish Tully in cross-stitch)

I love dogs and have two of them. Though they shouldn’t be considered a hobby. My love for dogs (and most furry animals) had me trekking up to Oroville, CA to help out at the Emergency Animal Shelter at the end of December after the Camp Fire destroyed a lot of Paradise in November, 2018. That 1 week was nothing compared to the National Guard, who were there for about a month.

This brings me to another interest… Disaster and Emergency preparedness. I joined my local CERT team (short for Community Emergency Response Team) in the Spring of 2018 and have learned a lot from them. One of the most interesting things I had done with them was acting as a disaster victim for a FEMA/Homeland Security drill and being transported via helicopter to the hospital. That was fun!

I also like playing board games. My husband is a more serious gamer (as in he β€πŸ’›πŸ’™ loves β€πŸ’›πŸ’™ board games and role playing games). It’s a big part of his life and if you’ve ever come to our house, you might confuse it for a game store. (Well, maybe if you’re not that into board games. His collection is pretty small compared to others.)

I suppose this fondness of games and helping others had led us to help found a nonprofit organization whose goal is to introduce the board game hobby to the masses and show that board games can be the first choice for a fun weekend and not the last resort.

All these interests do take up time. But since I love all of them, I make the time to do them. That takes some serious juggling, but it’s all worth it to keep me sane. What’s your sanity worth to you? Share your hobbies in the comments!

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