A is for Ascension

Yuriko/ April 1, 2019/ 2019, Blogging Challenge, Games, Hobby

All right, I thought I had this blog challenge beat!  I was ready a week and a half ago when I posted about it.  I had everything in my head… but then it all fell out of my head before I could write anything down.  Yes, sad face.  So, I’ve been scrambling for the last week at ideas that I could write about.  I apparently will not have a theme and my posts will bounce around like a rabbit on speed and crack.

This post’s topic is all about a game.  Ascension.

Ascension is a deck-building game.  For those not familiar with what a deck-builder is, let me explain in simple terms.  With this game, you have a set of cards to start.  Eight cards are considered money or runes.  Two are considered fight.  You buy other cards to gain either more runes, fight, or other abilities.  You use your fight to kill monsters on the board.  The object of the game is to gain honor and empty the pool of honor on the board.

There’s also an app for your phone, which you can play.  My friends and I like to see if we can break the game — by having an endless turn.  That happens with certain combinations of card sets.  This game has many.  At last count, I think it has something like nine expansions (all of which can be played on its own) but it’s always more fun when you combine them to see how ridiculous things can get.

Adayu is one of my favorites (I think a lot of folks love him).  When he first comes into play, he’s the monster (the Tormented) but once defeated, he becomes a transformed hero with special powers.

If you ever get a chance to play this game, do it.  It’s not that hard to learn and it’s always different, especially if you always play with different sets.

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