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Well, I think this might as well be the first report again. After 36k words, I decided to redo the story from scratch. It was a hard decision but I think I like the direction it’s going right now. I’ve changed some of the attributes of the MC and the love interest. She’s older now and in college.

So far, after 7 days, I’ve gotten about 20k words down, which isn’t a bad number and I find that it’s probably because I have a better sense of where this story is going. Of course, I also had to redo the outline as well. Even the best laid plans can change. And isn’t it the truth when you’re writing.

The flow is a little better now and I’ve reworked the main romantic relationship, so it’s not as creepy as before… And the age gap has gotten a teeny bit smaller. It still is basically a May-December relationship. (Don’t like it? Who asked you?)

I realized that I really like conversations so there is an immense amount of dialogue going on… I will have to pare it down a lot and fill in the environment, so it’s not in a white room.

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  1. Wow, 20K words in 7 days is major progress. Very much agree that the best laid plans can change!

    1. That’s the truth! Thank you for swinging by and dropping a comment!

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