Vomit Draft Progress Report #5

yuriko/ May 20, 2019/ writing

53k words in to the story.  The MC has had a few nasty things happen in her life and it led to more bad things.  I sometimes feel bad, as a writer, that these kinds of situations arise but if it didn’t, I wouldn’t be interested in finishing the story, would I?

And you, as a reader, wouldn’t care much for her story or whatever it was that’s happening to her.  I’m quite sure that when I finally finish and start my revisions, I’ll be even more merciless and may even throw in a few things that may make it work.  Of course, I’m not just throwing things into the story just because I felt like it.

I have thought about what I needed to improve as well as what I can probably cut.  This will be hard, since writers tend to pour their heart, guts, and soul into their works. And, though they are the harshest of critics of their own works, it’s still a part of them being cut away like a cancer. Nobody wants to see their hard work butchered away into nothingness.  But,  I’ll do it.  I have to, if I ever want this to go anywhere.

So, how far along is the story? According to the outline, which has seen numerous redrafts, we’re just about half way through.  Things are starting to pick up speed and more characters are coming.

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