Trying Out a New Hobby: Gardening

I have a black thumb.  For the most part, anything I’ve ever tried to grow in a “garden” has always died, one way or another.  Either I water it too much, or forget about it and don’t water it at all.

I had an opportunity last year to start a garden, I suppose, but I didn’t.  Some of the reasons were that I didn’t have the knack for growing things, nor the patience. I also didn’t want my garden to suffer the effects of my dogs running through it and eating everything (and possibly getting sick).  I also couldn’t think of a nice spot for the garden.

So, here comes 2021 and it’s almost summer, though, from the temperatures outside, it feels like summer is already here.  It was 90 degrees yesterday.  I decided to plant 2 tomato plants and a few peppers (from seeds).  I planted an indeterminate tomato – “Early Girl”, and a yellow mini cherry tomato, that I bought as seedlings from the Home Depot.  I thought about starting from seeds, but I thought I was a little late in the season, as it’s almost already summertime and I wanted to get this started as soon as possible.

I’m not an expert.  As I said above, I kill plants more than grow them.  But I can’t help be a little excited this year.  I hope they grow big and have a lot of fruit to share and freeze.

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