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2021 in Retrospect

The year is finally coming to a close.  This has been year 2 of the pandemic.  In the earlier part of the year, I was still contact tracing and enjoying it, though cases had died down significantly and I was able to return to my home department in July.

In January, we had a horrible windstorm, which knocked part of the fence out so it was leaning precariously into the neighbor’s yard.  That neighbor refused to chip in on replacing the fence, so we ended up paying for that section.  Out of the four neighbors, only 2 of them paid for their half of the fence.  I know we could have taken the other 2 to small claims court for their share, since we did give them notice in advance, according to the laws.  But, court would have taken months of time and effort and it just wasn’t worth it.  (That neighbor is moving out now.)

In March, I was out for about a month after minor outpatient surgery.

In May, we finally got our fence replaced and finished staining it by July. (That was a chore!)

We also got our vent cleaned out, bird-proofed our solar panels and had them checked and cleaned, and installed video surveillance.

We also bought a new electric vehicle so hubby could commute without worrying about the rising gas prices.

I had made several socks, which ultimately I hated because they took too long to complete and they just didn’t look right. (I have them sitting in my closet, sadly waiting for me to try them on again.)  I also knitted a lovely shawl for myself, as well as a poncho, cowl, and a hat.  I managed to finish a lace version of the shawl on some cotton thread, which turned out smaller than I had liked…  I learned Tunisian crochet and I’m currently learning to deal with continental knitting.  So, I guess, this year was pretty productive, though it didn’t seem like it. (I even made a duplicate of the shawl in another color for a friend.)

We managed to have our first in-person gathering in July (4 day event) and made sure everyone was comfortable and showed proof of vaccination before entering.  As far as I know, no one caught covid at our party.

We even had a Low-Key Loki party for Halloween, where we asked people to come as their favorite Loki variant.

Thanksgiving was pretty uneventful.  We had turkey breasts and burnt stuffing. We overestimated the headcount and had too much turkey, which ended up being tossed because nobody ate the leftovers and it spoiled.  (We should have frozen it right after getting it out of the oven.)  Next year, we’re probably only going to have 1 breast.

Christmas is coming up quickly and we’re going to shop for a prime rib at Costco.  We’re not into gift-giving, so it’ll be pretty low-key.  I bought myself some nice yummy yarn from Knitpicks and some beads to try something new.

Health has been okay this year.  I may actually be lactose intolerant as I’ve noticed a bodily reaction after eating certain dairy products. This sucks!  I love ice cream! My RA flares every once in a while, thankfully, and is under some control.  I got an Oculus quest 2 for my birthday but returned it about a month later when my shoulders started hurting after a bout of Beat Saber.  That was disappointing.  I loved Beat Saber, when I was able to play it.

I hope next year brings health and happiness to all.

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