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A New Year … New Projects!

At the end of 2021, I embarked on a new project just to see if I could do it.  I saw a free pattern for a pretty light shawl/stole on the Knitpicks website and since I had returned my birthday present to myself back at Costco, I had some money to burn.  I decided to give it a try.  The pattern called for small beads (6/0 seed beads) and a small crochet hook to insert them during the knitting.  The recommended crochet hook was a size 1.00mm hook.  Well, that hook was still too big.  I had to go a size smaller at 0.75mm.  I put a penny by the lace mohair yarn and bead with the hook to see scale.  Yes.  Small!

The result of using the beads and the hook were worth it, though.

I’m almost to the other end of the beading.

I’ve also started a 365 embroidery project, where you stitch something every day.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or elaborate.  I can’t really stitch well, anyway.  But we’ll see how far I take this.  I’ve given up on BoJos and other things, so I don’t expect to be still doing this by summer, but you never know.

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