Is It Spring Yet?

I’ve been itching to plant outside.  Really itching.

Unfortunately, in my area, the soil in my garden is nothing but clay.  And on top of that, the areas around the backyard lawn are nothing but river rocks.  The previous owners of the house thought it was a good idea.  They also thought that putting the garden-raised bed on the side of the house was a good idea as well.  And the dirt in that bed was nothing but clay.  No wonder nothing grew and they had nothing but weeds.

On top of that, we have neighborhood cats that liked to poop and pee in that raised bed.  My dogs have started to do that as well. Well, that’s not great for growing vegetables.  Last year, I tried to grow soy beans and they grew okay.  I don’t think they got enough nutrients, even though I had put compost and new soil in the bed.  It still didn’t really work well.

So, this year, I decided to create my own raised beds in 55-gallon containers that I bought from home depot.  I bought 6 of them.  And each one holds about 3 and a half bags of 2 cu ft raised bed soil.  I also ended up throwing some cardboard and old food scraps into the bottom of the bins and threw soil on top.

Then, I found the youtube video that talked about totes and I felt silly that I bought these huge bins, when I could have just used smaller ones.  The video is from 2021 with Robbie and Gary.  She’s inspired me to try to grow more!

Currently, I have some seeds started and I had them in my little mini greenhouse outside but then we had high winds and so they had to be brought inside to the bathroom, where they are happy now.  I wish they were thriving, but I’m still new to the seed starting.


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