The title might be a little deceiving and I’m sure it probably gave a few conservative people a heart attack. Why would I put out such things? Well, when I talk about passions, I’m speaking of things about which I have very deep feelings. I don’t claim to be perfect and saint-like because I still do swear in the car and don’t exercise as much as I should (but I fib to my doctor all of the time about it). I’m talking about organizations that I support because I’m passionate about the topic.

When I got my Level 3 gear

Passion#1: Sacramento CERT
I’m passionate about Sacrament CERT, which stands for Community Emergency Response Team, because I believe that everyone in the community is responsible for safety and soundness of their community. The basic training, itself, is only about 3 weeks long and it gives basic knowledge such as basic first aid, medical triage, how to use a fire extinguisher, how to size up a structure to enter safely for search and rescue, and basic disaster psychology, among other things. After achieving Level 3 (basic) training, you’re more than welcome to continue learning and taking more classes and training to get to a Level 2 (deployable), which means you can go out and help in disaster situations when CERT has been activated.


Brienne (GSD) & Shaun Hill (Papillon)

Passion #2: Shepheroes
I am a big lover of animals (especially dogs and cats). I have always loved animals, ever since I was little. I was finally able to get my own dog about 10 years ago with a miniature pinscher. Then, I got my papillon a few months later. It was only a few years ago that I was able to adopt a German Shepherd (my dream dog). And I have been supporting rescues and shelters ever since. I think there’s the misconception that the shelter is full of “broken” or “problem” dogs. Unfortunately, many dogs break down when in a shelter environment and don’t show their full personality because of the stress and confusion. Rescues give dogs a second chances at life. Every dog deserves to have a loving home. Shepheroes rescues German Shepherds from local shelters and pair them with loving families.