Facing My Own Mortality Like a Boss

Yuriko/ February 28, 2019/ Health

When you’re a little kid, even 30 years of age seems like a lifetime away. You experiment with anything and everything, unless your parents were very paranoid protective (like mine were). You jumped off the highest peaks and weren’t afraid of getting hurt. Your bumps and bruises were battle scars that you proudly displayed. But at that age, your body

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It’s Only A Game

Yuriko/ February 20, 2019/ Games, Hobby

I can be very competitive. It’s true. I think it’s part of being human. Some people can do it better than others. And when I say that, I mean good sportsmanship. But, I can totally understand a person if he or she isn’t a good sport. Nobody wants to lose. Nobody likes to lose.  Society – the whole world as

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Volunteering Isn’t Just About Helping Others

Yuriko/ February 19, 2019/ CERT, Volunteer

You can say that volunteering is considered altruistic. After all, most volunteers spend their own time to help others. And that, in itself, should be enough. But there are many benefits from volunteering. I read a post from Volunteer Scotland that listed many benefits from volunteering. One of the most immediate benefits is making a difference. By helping out at

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Hobbies R Us

Yuriko/ February 19, 2019/ Cross-stitch, Fangirl, Game of Thrones, Hobby

I have a lot of interests. You would think that I would have a billion boards on Pinterest, but I don’t. I have a small handful. And it’s not because I dont see a lot of things on Pinterest. I do. Unfortunately, all Pinterest does for me is create more ideas and upset me when I can’t do these things

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A New Beginning

Yuriko/ February 19, 2019/ Uncategorized

This must be version 4.0… Or 5.0 now. I’ve lost track. I am not ashamed to admit that I have a very short attention span when it comes to holding a blog. Usually, my blogs are about me and my relatively boring life. And after a while, I would scrap my blog after a series of reflections, arriving at the

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