Collections: It’s More than Just Money

Yuriko/ February 25, 2019/ Fangirl, Funko Pops, Game of Thrones, Hobby

Years ago, there was a huge fad for collecting Beanie Babies. I’m not sure how big a fad it is now. I wasn’t a huge fan of them. They were cute, sure. And they had a story or poem on their tags, too. But I really didn’t see much of a use in them.

Fast forward 10 years… And now Funko Pops! have become the new Beanie Baby. These figures are made from vinyl and aren’t as cute and cuddly as a Beanie Baby. But if you’re any kind of pop culture fan, you probably have one… or two. (Personally, my collection of various pops have grown to more than 100. That’s a lot of money if you take into consideration that each retails for about $9.)

Of course, I’m not a huge collector if I compare myself to true Funko fans, who have hundreds upon hundreds of pops. These guys are seriously into Funkos! Check out this guy! Wow!! He’s a huge collector!

I, myself, am a bit pickier about which pops I get. Mainly because I’m not made of money and so I tend to go for ones that I love or from something I love. (Still waiting for a Game of Thrones Blackfish Tully pop, Funko. Hint! Hint!)

Part of my collection before it was moved to a more permanent space.

I love Game of Thrones and so I think it’s quite fitting to have the pops for my most favorite characters. (Still hoping for some long-dead characters, such as Jory and Barristan Selmy.)

I also have pops from movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and the Incredibles.

I don’t collect because I think they’ll be worth something some day. I collect because I love the characters… And just seeing them makes me happy. But, if by chance they do become more valuable because everyone decided to throw away their Funko Pops, I doubt I’ll part with them. I’m sure my estate sale will be interesting… And people in my neighborhood will remember me as “the old crazy lady that loved her vinyl dolls. “

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