B is for Brienne

It’s about time I start yammering on about Game of Thrones,  isn’t it?   After all,  my life had been empty until I found the series.  😅 Just kidding.   I did have a life before Game of Thrones and I’m sure I’ll have a life after it’s over.

But this isn’t necessarily about Game of Thrones.   This is about Brienne,  my sweet German Shepherd dog.    🐶🐕

Brienne came to us as a rescue from the German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California.   She had been found on the streets of Oakland and was pulled out of the Oakland Animal Shelter.   She was skinny and looked like she had at least one litter of puppies.  (I always thought she had more than the one and was a backyard breeding machine.)   The rescue had named her Opal,  but I knew she was a Brienne.


Brienne,  from Game of Thrones,  was a fierce warrior (played on screen by Gwendolyn Christie).   She was large and lumbering.   She was not a knight,  but fought as well as any of them.  And she was very loyal,  honorable,  and steadfast.  Just like a German Shepherd.  I knew it was the perfect name for her.   And wow, I was not disappointed.

Brienne is a very patient guard dog and will always defend our home from invaders,  whether it be delivery men,  solicitors,  cats,  or sky raisins.   She will always protect us and keep us safe.  She’s also a school marm at the dog park and will correct other dogs when they exhibit behavior unbecoming of a dog.  Dogs aren’t supposed to jump on people.

She’s also very liquid and bends in such ways that I wonder if she even has bones.

At the end of the day,  however,  I’m glad I found her.   I don’t think any other dog could ever replace her.   She’s one of a kind. And my girl.

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