Developing a Story

Yuriko/ April 4, 2019/ 2019, Blogging Challenge

I tend to write by the seat of my pants.   I don’t normally outline,  plot out paths,  or otherwise think ahead when I write something.   Case in point,  this blog post.  I really should have planned out my topics beforehand,  but I thought it’d be easy.  Wrong!   Oh, so wrong!

So my topic for today is developing a story.   Yes,  boring.  My current project,  which is still in its infancy and vomit stages has already been through several transformations.   At first,  I thought my Main Character (MC)  would be a woman in her 20s,  going to college,  and trying to find herself when she finds out her whole life was a lie.  After writing/vomiting about 10k words,  I realized that it wasn’t as interesting as if she were still in high school,  going to a new school for the umpteenth time…  Or is it?

Then,  I decided that the seat of my pants were not as great as I first thought.  I needed a plan. A vague road map to know what I wanted to hit while on the journey..   Tourist spots,  as it were.  So,  I began plotting and striking through ideas and plot points..  I still don’t think I have an inciting incident that would propel the MC forward. .. But I feel like I’m close. ..  I have the ending in mind,  which I suppose is half the battle.

This is usually when I stop writing..   My inner critic starts to take it all apart… And pulls on threads so things unravel quickly.   I hate my inner critic.  But despite all of the negativity,  I continue. .at least for a little while.  (My inner critic can be bribed with cookies. )

Hopefully,  I can continue to write this story and finish it.   Then rewrite and finish that,  too.   I hear a writer can have as many as 5 drafts…before being anywhere close to being done.   I just hope I can get it done in s reasonable amount of time.

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