Vomit Draft Progress Report #1

Yuriko/ April 18, 2019/ Hobby, writing

I had started this project a few weeks ago. And though I promised that I would not let Marcia (my inner critic and editor) out of her cage, I fear she had learned to pick the locks.

Damn!  I guess this is why I am still on chapter 8 and only at about 25k word count (nothing that it matters at this point. But I like to feel like I’ve done something).  I have my vague outline that guides me to the major points and I’ve been following it for the most part.

But here comes Marcia…

She has her eyes on the prize.  And she starts to nag at me as I’m typing.  Perhaps I should just use a technique I read the other day: pretend that the delete and backspace keys are rigged to explode if I use them?  It’s a thought.

So far, I think I’ve gotten the main plot running along as planned. I’m still on the fence about a few details.  I suppose as I keep going, things will come to light and it will all fall into place.

Though I must say that I love Spotify right now.  I have a pseudo soundtrack set up for my story and it keeps me focused.  Some of the songs really fit into the storyline. .. While others are just great to listen to.  I may cut them out, though, so I can keep focus.

I must keep going.  Thankfully, I’ve found a supportive community on Twitter. 🐦🐦 Maybe, one day, they’ll read my story and actually like it! !

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