Vomit Draft Progress Report #2

Yuriko/ April 23, 2019/ writing

I’m 36k words and 10 chapters into the story and I wonder if other writers ever struggle with their work as much as I do. Even though I was happy with it for the most part, like my protagonist, I feel like the story is not set at the right time. Or the right situation is not presenting itself.

Currently, she’s a high school student in her senior year.. But she could easily be a college student, struggling through her midterms. The possibility of change at this point scares the living daylights out of me. But then, on the other hand, it would propel the story a little better, I think.

Now, should I scrap this version or just pick up where the, story would be and catch up in the 2nd draft? After all, the vomit draft is just supposed to be that: vomit. I shouldn’t really have a strong attachment to it. But if course I do. I’m me.

So, what should I do? What will I do? I may just continue with the assumption that I changed the beginning… What would be hilarious is if I forget and look back, trying to piece everything together and nothing fits. I just don’t want to waste the 36k words I have already put down. Sure, editing means cutting a lot out.. But I just can’t help but be attached to what I’ve created already.

This also means that I will have to redo the outline. Yay! šŸ¤¬(sarcasm) Deep breaths. I know. I can do this. I have to ability to finish this friggin story!
I guess time will tell. In the meantime, I also have to deal with adulting. This really cuts into my writing time and it’s annoying but I don’t mind it for the most part. I just look forward to the end.

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