Vomit Draft Progress Report #4

Yuriko/ May 6, 2019/ writing

So, here we are. First weekend of May. Just finished watching Season 8, Episode 4 of Game of Thrones last night. I’m happy for some bits but sad for others.

I’m coming along on the 1st draft – 36k words and 14 chapters, though it seems my characters have a mind of their own and are NOT following my outline as I’d like them to do. So it looks like I need to figure out a work around for the MC.

It’s really not her fault. A minor character decided to take rejection harshly and react badly… Then it was a chain reaction that really went sideways. I’m considering redoing part of the chapter differently. I’m sure the MC has plenty of questions for her rescuer.

I do wonder how people can finish drafts so quickly. Is there a secret? Am I thinking too much about it and not just writing? Maybe, if I stop worrying, it’ll just come to me. Maybe I should try that.

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