New Adventures in the Midst of Crisis

Yuriko/ April 15, 2020/ Life and Stuff, writing

So…. I’ve moved! (Though, not to the snow-covered north)

On a lark, my husband and I decided to fiddle with the idea of upgrading our house.  We’d only lived in our modest 3br/2/ba home for nearly three years, but it was quickly getting a little overcrowded once the in-laws moved in.  It was pretty tight with just the two of us, plus the two doggos.  So, in December, my husband and I talked about it and just casually glanced through Zillow every week to see if there was anything we could afford in the current city, which was quickly becoming a very lucrative real estate market.

In January, we toyed with a few prospects and decided to just go to a few open houses “just to look” without any commitment.  Yeah, that worked out well.  The one house we saw was gorgeous (with a few flaws, of course), and a great prospect.  So great, that we ended up putting in an offer for it. I know, right?  Sadly, we didn’t get it.  Oh well.  Of course, we still had our own house to sell, too!

So, then came the sudden rush to get our house cleaned up in order for two open houses and the stress that comes with it.  Did you know that they don’t want you in the house with your two annoying dogs while they do an open house? Yeah, that was fun.  The first open house, I took the dogs to the groomers and had them both bathed.  During the second one, we just stayed away until it was time to go home.

After having multiple offers, which felt good, we chose the buyer…but we still hadn’t found our new home yet.  But, we had a few leads on some houses that we thought were great… that is until we looked out of the area into another county.  And boy, were we missing out!!  Sure, it’s surrounded by orchards and farms. And it’s a good 30-minute drive into the City.  But, it’s quiet and you can hear crickets, not police sirens and helicopters.  At night, you can see the stars!  You can breathe out here!

I haven’t quite gotten myself back into writer’s mode yet.  I’m still unpacking and settling in.  I’m working on my cross-stitch and just enjoying the peace.  But, I have begun to think about my old fairy tale inspired story.  I might give that a good re-write once my office is set up a little more permanently.  My new desk arrives Thursday and the rest of it comes next week.  I can’t believe how hard it was to buy a freakin’ desk during this crisis.  I guess everyone was setting up their home-offices.  I’m no better.

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