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Yuriko/ April 23, 2021/ Knitting

My current project is a pair of socks.  The pattern is from Knitpicks and the pattern name is Shorties Socks. My first attempt came out a little loose and not quite right.  Of course, I also made them one at a time, instead of two at a time.  And the bind off was too loose and flared.

My second attempt at socks, I tried the free Two at Once, Toe Up, Magic Loop Sock Pattern from Knitpicks. Yes, I love Knitpicks.  I love their yarn!  I love the quality and the feel!  Their Brava worsted yarn is so soft for acrylic.  That is usually my complaint against acrylic yarn:  softness.  Do I want to have that against my skin?  I also love Caron Yarns Simply Soft line.  Anyway, the second attempt at socks sort of worked out except for the cuff, where I did a hard bind off/stretchy bind off combo that was too hard.  The pattern is customizable, which I loved… but the heel turn wasn’t my favorite so I replaced it with the heel turn of the Shorties Sock pattern, which uses a Fleegle heel.  It came out very pointy, but when you put it on, it fit pretty well.

I decided to try a different yarn for the most current socks.  The green socks were made from Stroll fingering yarn: Superwash Merino wool.  They are comfy but I think my feet are not used to the larger stitches, compared to a factory knit sock of the same material.  The white socks are made of Comfy Fingering yarn: a Cotton and Acrylic combo.  I haven’t finished to socks yet so I have no idea how good they feel on the feet.  I decided to use the Shorties Sock pattern and adjust the body a little and do two at a time.

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