Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!

Tomorrow is Turkey Day and we’re planning on eating a lot.

I plan to take Brienne out for at least 2 walks tomorrow: Once in the morning and again the in the afternoon.  I am also hoping to get some Meta in to work out in between walking sessions so I have a bunch of activity under my belt and off my conscience.  I’m sure I’ll be guilt-ridden once I start doling out the stuffing to my plate. (Stuffing is my absolute favorite!)  If I had to choose between giving up a pie and giving up stuffing, I will gladly give up the pie.  Ever since I was a little girl, I loved stuffing.

I don’t seem to have many photos of Thanksgiving.  Before I was born, my family had all gathered at my grandparent’s house to have Thanksgiving.  This included my aunt and uncles (from my mom’s side), and their kids.  After my grandfather died, there were only maybe one or two years of Thanksgiving before it dwindled into just us, my grandmother, and my uncle, who didn’t have a family of his own.  It then fell upon my family to start hosting as my grandmother was getting older and moved into a small studio apartment.

This went on for a good twenty years until my mother got sick and my grandmother passed away.  Then, my uncle stopped coming as well, and now, my family doesn’t do Thanksgiving.

Enter my husband’s family.  They love to do Thanksgiving.  I never had candied yams until I joined this family.  My family’s Thanksgiving consisted of a turkey, a ham (with brown sugar, cloves, and pineapples), and assorted raw vegetables, including carrots, celery, radish roses, and olives.  It also included stuffing, which we made in overabundance, and mashed potatoes (out of a box – this changed after I came home from living in England for a bit).  And rice.  We always had rice.  My husband’s family doesn’t normally have ham since they’re not too fond of it.  But we always have pie.  Different families have different ideas of what Thanksgiving is.   It’s all good.

At the end of the evening, we’ll be so stuffed, I’ll want to just curl up and go to sleep.

What are your Thanksgiving traditions?  Do you send your kids out to a movie while the turkey is cooking? (That’s how my brothers and I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark.)

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