C is for CERT

Yuriko/ April 3, 2019/ 2019, Blogging Challenge, CERT, Volunteer

I grew up in the Bay Area if California and was present during the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989.  That day,  I was in class at SF State and I was scheduled to have my creative writing class that Tuesday evening,  but it was cancelled,  which allowed me to get home right before the earth shook.   I remember not really

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Hello! from the Other Side

Yuriko/ March 19, 2019/ Health, Nonprofit, Volunteer

I’ve decided to finally bite the bullet to have my own site. I’m not quite sure what I’ll have here, other than my random thoughts or updates on projects. I’m sure I’ll end up with a page of favorite sites or organizations, which deserve recognition. I’m also pretty sure I’ll continue to post about games I’ve played from a casual

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Create Awesome

Yuriko/ March 13, 2019/ Nonprofit, Volunteer

I borrowed the catchphrase from Roberto Blake. He’s a YouTube creator, whom I stumbled upon the other day while I was looking for some free graphic design tutorial sessions on YouTube. I was very impressed with his video because he had a certain presence that imbued confidence and knowledge. This led me to one of his podcasts, which I am

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Volunteering Isn’t Just About Helping Others

Yuriko/ February 19, 2019/ CERT, Volunteer

You can say that volunteering is considered altruistic. After all, most volunteers spend their own time to help others. And that, in itself, should be enough. But there are many benefits from volunteering. I read a post from Volunteer Scotland that listed many benefits from volunteering. One of the most immediate benefits is making a difference. By helping out at

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